The Most Experienced Luthiers In North America

A "Luthier" is someone who makes or repairs stringed instruments. The word Luthier comes from the French word for lute, "luth".

A Message From Peter:
"I love what I do, I love dealing with people in the right way, and I believe in taking the extra time to develop lasting relationships with my customers. I am proud of my ability to provide an atmosphere of comfort and first class service preserving a combination of traditional 'Old World' feel, personal attention and many years of professional experience that is a rare commodity in todays high speed market." -- Peter

About Luthierie:
The craft of lutherie is commonly divided into two main categories: stringed instruments that are plucked or strummed, and stringed instruments that are bowed.

Peter At The Bench

While there is a nearly limitless variety of stringed instruments both historic and modern, from many places and cultures – the following lists give some examples of instruments in each category still in use today.

In the first category are the: autoharp, banjo, bouzouki, charango, cittern, dulcimer, guitar, harp, kantele, kithara, kora, koto, lute, theorbo, archlute, angelique, torban, kobza, bandura, lyre, mandolin, oud, shamisen, sitar, ukulele, and veena.

In the second category are the: cello, crwth, double bass, erhu, fiddle, mouthbow, nyckelharpa, hurdy gurdy, rabab, rebec, sarangi, viol, viola, viola da braccio, viola d'amore, viola da gamba and violin.

Since bowed stringed instruments require a bow, this second category of luthier contains a subtype known as an "archetier", which is a French word for one who makes bows. While the division of luthiers into two categories may seem arbitrary, there are those who are passionate about the difference between these categories.

I created Stringed Instrument Division because I am passionate about both of these catagories. If I cannot order your part, I will make it from scratch.

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