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"The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it." -- John Ruskin

I am pleased to still be here for you after 30+ years of repairing instruments, and almost a quarter of a century of being in business with Stringed Instrument Division. In the spirit of the masters before me, my customers know that Stringed Instrument Division deals in ONLY quality Products and Services.

If you are need of a classic or modern stringed instrument, take a look through my current Inventory, and if you see something you like, then take a walk into the Stringed Instrument Division at 500 North Higgins Avenue, on the very hip North Side of Downtown Missoula. Take a ride back to a traditional, classic old world feel that you can only experience at SID!

Peter At The Bench
Photo by Laura Newman

Peter At The Bench
Photo by Laura Newman

Stringed Instrument Division is hailed as being one of the finest luthier shops in all of North America. I a Musician and I run a musicians shop. I am a lover of how strings stretched over a chamber can make beautiful music; A lover of the different tone qualities various blends of wood and metal can make.

All new & used instruments are run through the shop and set up to play well. All have cases, mouthpieces, straps and cork grease (as applicable).

In the event that your instrument does break at no fault of God or your own, all instruments carry a full 1 Year Guarantee so you are covered for that crazy unplanned day.

In addition, we know that it can take a few adjustments and some fine tuning to get your instrument just as you like it. That is why our instruments are covered under our guarantee for adjustments for a full year from the date of purchase.... FREE OF CHARGE!